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August 5, 2014

Gravity (10.0)

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I was so impressed with the direction and the technology that the end of the movie came far too soon. I now understand why it won best director and best cinematography. It seemed amazingly real, never contrived, and felt as if it really was filmed in space. I have no idea how they did it.

Sandra Bullock gave her best performance, at least of the ones I’ve seen. Maybe I just like to look at her, and she’s really not a great actress. Is writing “actress” sexist? “I just like to look at her”? No way on liking to look at someone. If it was then sexism means nothing.

Gravity should have won best picture, in my inexpert opinion. I haven’t seen all the movies nominated in 2013, but I can’t imagine I would not have heard about a better movie. I watched HER, and probably liked it more, but I know Gravity was a better achievement, and not everyone is so enamored by technology as I am. I wish I had seen Gravity on a big screen, and although I’m not often awed by 3D, I might have been with this movie. I saw Twelve Years a Slave and had to watch the trailer to remember it. It lacked originality and had the usual stereotypes, and I remember that. There was just no comparison between Twelve Years and Gravity, but I could be wrong. It’s all about taste, right? I won’t ever have to watch a trailer to remember Gravity (or HER).

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