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June 25, 2014

Coconut Oil: 100 Most Crucial Questions Answered (6.0)

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There were a hundred of them all right, and most of them were not even worth asking. There were some worth asking, but only a few. Some answers were kind of “woo-like”, unsupported by any evidence and the answers seemed like something you would learn about on Dr. Oz. In fact, you probably have or will.

This is what I found true and something I either wasn’t sure of or that coconut oil consumers should know.

  • Unrefined vs refined coconut oil.
    • Unrefined is the “Extra Virgin Coconut Oil” you usually see at Whole Foods and even Costco. Claimed to be more beneficial.
    • Refined does not have a coconut taste or smell. I’ve never noticed it in any store though. It’s cheaper and it has a higher smoke point. Refined contains “chemicals” that unrefined does not. It has the same nutritional value though.
    • If you do buy refined:
      “you want the one that was extracted in a natural, chemicals-free method (e.g. with diatomaceous earth or steam).”
  • Signs of rancid coconut oil – yellow tint.
  • Below 76 degrees it becomes liquid.
  • I should add that the smoke point of unrefined coconut oil is 177° (relatively low for cooking) and unrefined 232°
  • Dr. Oz – 2 part episode on Coconut Oil
  • Also,

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