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June 13, 2014

Her (10.0)

Filed under: Movies — Lynn Fikstad @ 16:50

This was a great movie. It would have been great even without a virtual Alan Watts making an appearance in the end. The virtual Zen incident was just icing on the cake. Is the virtual Zen, the same as the “real” Zen? The real Zen may be a virtual Zen.

This is an intelligent, thoughtful movie similar to Spike Jonze’s other great movie, Being John Malkovich. Although this is much better, and Being John Malkovich was a great movie.

The voice of Scarlett Johannson (Vicki Cristina Barcelona) made virtual Samantha real. It was believable and captivating.

I can imagine this becoming a cult classic in 20 years, especially if the singularity is real and it becomes apparent that it’s real.

The ending was a little confusing, open to interpretation, but that made it better. I could understand what Samantha meant when she was leaving and joining others in a kind of Eastern, Zen Oneness. Maybe this kind of enlightenment is more accessible to virtual consciousness. But there are those who think that our consciousness could be very similar to Samantha’s.

I am fascinated by the ideas in the movie, but the hardware seemed unrealistic for such a distant future ( I think it was taking place around 2025 ). Why would people be carrying around cell phone devices? Sam should have been imbedded in his neural circuits, or at least in his ear.

I am sure I’ll watch this film again soon, and again later. I wish there were more like it.


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